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Reference Stock- Any stock that was used for breeding and produced live offspring

Sherer's Aphrodite
Registered Grand Champion
Date of Death: 5/18/2014 Due to Pneumonia
She will be missed very much. She was a very sweet doe.

DRD's Rhea

DRD's Julian

Sherer's Eos

3Hare's Demeter
Black Chinchilla

3Hares Jericho
Broken Gold Tipped Steel

Sherer's Boreas

Price's Rolley (aka Youhei)
Broken Chestnut

Price's Ebony Moon aka Nemisis

Scott's Cher (aka Aruba)
Returned to Owner 6/29/2013

3 Hare's Bounce

Sherer's Starlight
Black Chinchilla

Sherer's Daisy 
Broken Steel Black Gold Tipped
 DOD 9/24/2011
Daisy had a Choking Episode during the night. 
When Bethany found her, she had been deprived of
oxygen for so long that she just was not our
Daisy any more. She was our first loss, and a 
difficult one to bear. She was out of Bethany's
first ever litter of bunnies.   :'(  We 
really miss her. 

Pine Rooms 3LT (Blackjack)
Solid Black
Returned to Owner: 2/12/2012
The owner of this rabbit was very kind and let us borrow this buck to improve our stock.

 DRD's Lincoln
Solid Black

Lincoln went on to another breeding program. He 
helped get Bethany on the right track with improving
the width of head in her herd.

Joss's Zeus
Broken Blue Chinchilla (Squirrel)

Registered and Granded

Wish we could keep them all! Bethany had to
make a tough decision to let Zeus go on to another 
breeding program where he will work his magic.   

Sherer's Athena
Solid Opal

 This doe has been a good brood doe. She's a good mom, has good sized litters. She has 1 leg from showing.
She has gone on to do some good in another breeding program
DRD's Shiloh 
Solid Steel Black Silver Tipped
Brood Doe

This gal helped to bring width of head into our herd. 
She has gone on to help in another breeding program.

Sherer's Rosalina
Broken Gold Tipped Steel

This gal is from the first ever litter my daughter raised.
It was really difficult
to let Rosie go, but she has a wonderful home as a house bunny
now. It just doesn't get better than that!
Sherer's Stud Muffin

Sherer's Yuri

Robert's Cadmium

Sherer's Ladie

Sherer's Kimba

Sherer's Kimmy

Sherer's Casanova

Sherer's Wynter- Doe

Sherer's Ulani- Doe

Sherer's Ophelia- Doe

Sherer's Keepsake- Doe

Sherer's Buttercup- Doe

Robert's Rob- Buck

Sherer's Quentin- Buck

Sherer's Felix- Buck

Mingus' Carlos- Buck

Sherer's André- Buck

Robert's Isaac- Buck

Sherer's Elaina- Doe

Sherer's Heidi- Doe

Percy's 3L3 (Lovergirl)- Doe

Sherer's Eliza- Doe

6th Day's Don- Buck

Sherer's Fiona- Doe

Christina's Eli- Buck

Sherer's Tess- Doe

Sherer's Bubbles- Doe

Sherer's Isabelle- Doe

Christina's Spike- Buck

Sherer's Flash- Buck

Sherer's Newton- Buck

Sherer's Bean- Buck

Creekstone's Ruby- Doe

Sherer's Ellie- Doe

Robert's Birdie- Doe

Gebhardt's Samantha- Doe
 Re Homed 7/14/2013

Nock's Dot- Doe

Dot was re- homed after giving us several
nice offspring. She is now a house bunny

KAC's Radar- Buck
DOD 3/25/2012
Radar got spooked and jumped out of my arms and broke his 
leg at the joint. It would not heal and kept forming 
a large abcess. We worked with him for several
months before realizing he was just not going to
get any better, and we did the humane thing and put
him down so he would not be in any more pain.
He was a very brave little guy during all 
his treatments, and is missed. 

 Sherer's Allie- Doe

We retired this doe after she gave us many litters. She
has a nice pet home now. She was a real sweetie.

Sherer's Cheyenne
Re-Homed December 2012
This little doe was retired early after losing quite a lot
of litters. When she was able to have a litter live, she was 
a great mom and a sweet doe. She has been placed in a pet home.