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Pictures Just for Fun

Baby's First Kiss

Keepsake pretending to be a Himalayan

I think this little girl will have to stay. Haven't had one with this much personality since our first rabbit, Zoe.
This doe is named "Baby"

Bethany and her favorite Junior buck "Moo"

Aphrodite, Christmas 2012

Proud Mamma and Pups

Basket Full of Puppies!
Shorkie Tzu Pups
Still cannot believe our dog had a litter of six. 
I guess she thinks she's a rabbit!
Our Brown Eyed Girl. Pet rabbit Zoe
"I will NOT be ignored!"  ~ Andrea ~
While taking pictures of the rabbits to post
on the internet, our dog whined and cried
until I put her up on the picture set, where
she immediately posed for her picture.

Artemis Plays Dead

Bride and Groom
Pretty in a red dress
The Horn of Plenty

"I Wuv You"

Flora just hang'n out
"One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong..."
~Sesame Street
Dot, a Dwarf Hotot fostered a runt from a litter of New Zealand Cross-breeds The runt is now a pet named 'Bella'

Bella all grown up
My Favorite Little Doe, Keepsake- Four Weeks Old

Tess- First time mom and foster mom

Below is a little Mini Lop runt with a litter
of week old Dwarf Hotot kits. Tess is his foster mom.

Wyatt and Wynter- Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Wynter all grown up

2012 Christmas Picture of our Dogs

Ellie getting a break from her kits

Somebunny Loves Me! 
Hope, our Easter Bunny
Blue, our little Ballerina

Ready for the Beach
Basket full of Bunnies

What's For Dinner?