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Dwarf Hotots for Sale- Updated July 29, 2019

     I am leaving the rabbit world for awhile to give myself time to get the house ready to sell and put on the 
market. I am hoping some youth breeders and 4-H youth will be interested in some of my breeding stock. I am also going to have many available for pets.   7/29/19

Sales Policy
Please Read

All of our babies are handled daily. Some have been raised around and have no fear of dogs. No rabbit will leave our rabbitry until they are at least eight weeks old and have been weaned with no problems for two full weeks (Most will be older than eight weeks). We DO NOT SHIP our rabbits. Each rabbit will come with an information sheet and some pellets to switch their diet. We will remain available for questions about your new rabbit. We make every effort to make sure our rabbits are healthy when they leave our care. We expect the buyer to keep the new rabbit quarantined from other rabbits for 14 days. We have a 14 day health guarantee on our rabbits as long as the rabbit has stayed quarantined and not exposed to any sicknesses that may be in buyer's rabbitry. Should your quarantined rabbit die due to illness or become ill in the 14 days, it will be replaced with another rabbit of equal value if available. If not available, you may be put on a waiting list for the next available rabbit, or receive a full refund. (The choice is at our discretion.) At no time will we be responsible for Veterinary bills. You will be required to deliver the body of the deceased animal to us for replacement or refund. (Freezing is a good idea). An ill animal will be returned to us also. We will not be responsible for death due to accident, mishandling, improper care, or exposure to illness if not quarantined. Rabbits that are picked up by a transporter will not be guaranteed due to the rabbit being out of both the seller's and buyer's control.  It is up to the purchaser to double check the sex and quality of the animal they are purchasing. We do not guarantee how the rabbit you are purchasing will perform on the show table, as much of that is determined by the care and feeding that the animal receives. We will disclose any disqualifications that we know about at the time of the sale. 

We reserve the right to refuse any sale, or terminate any sale at any time and for any reason we feel appropriate. If a deposit has been made on the animal, and we terminate the sale, the deposit will be returned. Should a deposit be made and the purchaser changes their mind, the deposit will NOT be returned, and the rabbit will be added to our for sale list. If the purchaser does not show up to pick up the rabbit without prior contact, the deposit will NOT be returned, and the rabbit will be added to our for sale list. This rule does not apply to animals that have not been seen in person by the buyer as we appreciate the fact that the buyer needs to assess the quality of the animal hands on. 
We do not take deposits on unborn litters, neither do we keep waiting lists. Deposits are not necessary unless we are keeping the rabbit for more than two weeks before pick up. The two weeks does not apply to rabbits that are ON HOLD until fully weaned and ready to go. 
We can deliver rabbits to shows we attend. Please check with us to make sure which shows we are attending as there have been times when we have cancelled going to one of the listed shows. Please have a carrier ready when you pick up your new rabbit. All our rabbits have full pedigrees unless noted otherwise. Pedigrees may or may not accompany a companion rabbit at our discretion.
Providing we have the space, we will gladly take back any stock we sell, however we will not BUY the stock back. We will also be glad to advertise for you on our website should you decide to re-home an animal purchase from us.
We accept cash or PayPal transfers. Please- no personal or certified checks.
Buyer must be 18 years of age or older, or must have a Parent or Guardian present at time of purchase.

A Note about Dwarf Hotots:
We fully disclose any showing disqualifications we find with any of our stock before they are sold. However, we have found that it is not unusual for stray spots to appear even after five months of age. It can be very frustrating. We cannot promise that a spot will not appear on any of the animals we sell. It should be understood that spots are part of the breeding challenges we all face with this breed of rabbit.
Any rabbit listed under "Pet Quality" usually has a showing disqualification, a significant Fault,  or are a false dwarf rabbit that does not carry a dwarfing gene.

Revised 1/1/2019

Pet Quality Dwarf Hotots

Sport Buck
DOB: 9/13/18
Comical and a clown
GREAT temperament!

DOB: 5/7/19
On the left is Lacey's little doe. She is looking to
end up too small for breeding. She's adorable.
On the right is Daffi's buck. He is a big guy,
probably does not have the dwarf gene
and will be around 3 pounds. 

DOB: 5/23/19
One on the left is a Sport Buck
that will be for sale AFTER WEANING $60
I have not decided if I want to keep
the little doe on the right as a pet yet.

Masquerade's Buck
DOB: 3/31/19
Big guy, so for pet only. Most likely does
not have the dwarf gene. Average weight
will be around 3 pounds

Maquerades's Doe
DOB: 3/31/19
Really too early to see how this doe will develop.
Her bands are not the best. I'm putting her in
the pet section for now. She might develop nicely
and be a good brood doe. $60

DOB: 11/19/17
This girl needs a pet home. She needs some TLC.
She doesn't want to breed, but would make a
nice pet for someone that would take some time
to bring her out of her shell. Never has bitten or
challenged me. 
$60 negotiable to the right person

Rose and Chris' Litter
DOB: 5/7/2019
$60 Each
These guys are in the pet section now as they
are pretty hard to predict how they will develop. 
They are just starting weaning.
Left to Right: Doe, Doe, Buck

Boxer Buck (Missing one band)
DOB: 5/7/2019
He'd make a nice little pet for someone.
I call him "Rocky" since he's a boxer.
And--He's sticking his tongue out. 
(Took 10 years of pics to get just one shot of a tongue)

4-H/FFA or Brood Quality Dwarf Hotots

Theiss' Daffi
DOB: 9/14/2018
Black Banded Doe- Missing Left Eye Band
 (Boxer, Pirate) CANNOT BE SHOWN
She has good shoulders and is smooth over the
hindquarters. She'd be a good starter brood doe
for 4-H/FFA
$60 Fully Pedigreed- BROOD ONLY 
This doe was here long enough that I bred her.
Not only did she raise her own litter of 1, she also 
fostered one from another litter, and then 3 weeks later
fostered and raised a litter of two from a doe that died
while kindling. Although she is missing a band, her
offspring was correctly banded this time.
This is a really good mother. 

Updated Pic below

Sherer-Theiss' Lacey
DOB: 9/24/17
$40 Fully Pedigreed
Proven Brood Doe, good temperament

Sherer-Theiss' Rose
DOB: 11/20/17
$40  BROOD ONLY- BACK SPOT Fully pedigreed
Proven Brood Doe, great temperament, great mom