Harmony Hutches Rabbitry is a small hobby dedicated to the improvement of the Mini lop and Dwarf Hotot (Pronounced "OH-toe") breeds of rabbit. We are located in North Central Ohio. We have been breeding since 2010. Having a small rabbitry forces us to keep only a few of the very best that we breed, so we regularly have some rabbits for sale. Our Rabbitry is Registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) #D895

Breed Traits
Though "Mini" is in the name, Mini lops are a medium sized breed with an average weight of six to six and one half pounds. They are great for beginners since these rabbits possess a friendly, quiet personality and are easy to handle. We recommend Mini lops for kids interested in 4-H and/or open show and/or breeding. Mini lops are easy to breed and have litters of 5-10 kits and do not have that pesky dwarf gene. If you are looking for a cuddly bunny that will sit on your lap for awhile, mini lops may be for you. Behavior wise, we compare them to Golden retrievers.
If you are looking for a fun house pet or would like to get into breeding dwarf rabbits, check out the Dwarf Hotot breed. These rabbits weigh less than three pounds and have a very playful and loving personality. Most people fall head over heels in love at first sight! If you enjoy watching curious rabbits always on the move, you may like this breed. Behavior wise, we compare them to Jack Russell Terriers. These dwarfs are not a commonly available breed and it can be a challenge to find affordable nice breeding stock. We do not recommend them for a starter breed for a young youth breeder who is working on their own. 

A fun thing to do with rabbits is "Bunny Hopping". It's jumping rabbits over miniature jumps and is starting to become popular here in the states. Bunny hopping is starting to become a regular class at the larger rabbit shows like the ARBA Convention and State Rabbit Shows.  To see Bunny Hopping in action, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNPOdffkkLo   

Richland County Fair
2016 4-H Show
No extra Projects this year

4-H Grand Champion Breeding Buck- Sherer's Gray
4-H Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe- Sherer's Black Beauty
Pro Showmanship- 5th Place

Richland County Fair
2015 4-H Show- No open show available- No extra projects this year

4-H Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Doe- "Sherer's Katniss"
4th Place Breeding Buck- "Sherer's Bandit"
Senior Showmanship- 1st Place
Pro Showmanship- 2nd Place and Alternate for Showman of Showmen
Showman of Showmen- passed down from 1st place Pro Showman

Richland County Fair
2014 4-H and Open Show

Best In Show- Open All Breed Show
4-H Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit- Doe "Sherer's Katniss"
4-H 1st Place Breeding Doe- "Sherer's Katniss"
4-H 2nd Place Breeding Buck- "Sherer's Bandit"
4-H 2nd Place Senior Showmanship
4-H 2nd Place Pro Showmanship, Alternate for Showman of Showmen
6th Place Showman out of 7 Showmen (First experience)
"A" Ribbons for Breeding Rabbit Projects
"A" Ribbon and Outstanding Project for Photography I Project

Ohio State Fair Participant for Photography I 

Richland County Fair
2013 4-H
Sherer's Katniss 3rd place Breeding Doe
Sherer's Boreas 1st place Breeding Buck

 Ohio State Fair Participant for Veterinary Science III 
A Special Thanks to the Maglott Family for 
donating Blue Boy's body to Science

Richland County- Best Veterinary Science Project
Richland County- Outstanding Project + "A" Ribbon
Ohio State Fair- Outstanding for the Day Veterinary III Project 

Richland County- Outstanding Project + "A" Ribbon- Getting Started with Art Project
Richland County- Outstanding Project + "A" Ribbon- Breeding Rabbit Project

Richland County Fair 
2012 4-H and Open Show
 Best In Show Breeding Rabbit
"Sherer's Kin"
Open Show Reserve Grand Champion
"Sherer's Tala"
2012 4-H
  Ohio State Fair Participant for Veterinary Science II 
   "A" Ribbons and Outstanding Project Ribbons for Veterinary Science II 
and Scrapbooking Projects
"A" Ribbon for Rabbit Breeding Project
2012 Rabbit Princess
Second Place Breeding Doe
First Place Breeding Buck
Best In Show Breeding Rabbit

Richland County Fair
2011 4-H
Best In Show Breeding Rabbit
"Sherer's Gaia"
                                                                                                                                          2011 Winnings Open Show and 4-H Show
                                                                                                                                                                     2011 4-H
Ohio State Fair Participant for Veterinary Science I 
"A" Ribbons for Rabbit Breeding & Veterinary Science Projects